Changing the Cowrie file system


Part of Cowrie is an emulated file system. Each honeypot visitor will get their own personal copy of this file system and this will deleted when they log off. They can delete or change any file, nothing will be preserved.

The file system implementation consists of two pieces, the pickle file, which holds metadata for the files (filename, directory, permissions, owner, size, file type, etc), and the honeyfs directory that holds file contents. The honeyfs directory only has certain files by default. Most files do not have content associated with them.

To show the contents of the file, it needs both a meta data entry (pickle) and a honeyfs file.

Creating a new pickle file

Create a directory where you put all files you’d like to be show in your filesystem Create the pickle file:

$ ./bin/createfs -l YOUR-DIR -d DEPTH -o ./share/cowrie/custom.pickle

Make sure your config picks up custom.pickle, or rename it to fs.pickle

The pickle file just gives the layout of filesystem. If you actually need the files to be really there (for example to read them), you’ll have to create them in honeyfs/xxx