Automatically starting Cowrie with systemd

NOTE: untested

  • Copy the file docs/systemd/system/cowrie.socket to /etc/systemd/system

  • Copy the file docs/systemd/system/cowrie.service to /etc/systemd/system

  • Examine /etc/systemd/system/cowrie.service and ensure the paths are correct for your installation if you use non-standard file system locations.

  • Add entries to etc/cowrie.cfg to listen on ports via systemd. These must match your cowrie.socket configuration:

    listen_endpoints = systemd:domain=INET6:index=0
    listen_endpoints = systemd:domain=INET6:index=1
  • Run:

    $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    $ sudo systemctl start cowrie.service
    $ sudo systemctl enable cowrie.service